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Best FREE Website Builders

Best FREE Website Builders 2021

brace yourself this may surprise you
companies aren’t exactly jumping at the
opportunity to give you something for
free whoa hold on I know but the good
news is with a little research you can
actually, make a free website builder
work I’ve spent the last month trying
the top free website builders and this

.what are the best free website builders

There probably is gonna be a rapid tour through
them I’ll show you the ads some put on
free websites

I’ll cover domains feature limitations
and anything else relevant my work is
supported by affiliate commissions so if
you’d like to try one of these website
builders you can click a link to them in
the Themeprobably description below and I may
earn a commission okay I don’t want to
waste your time so I’m gonna move
quickly through the free website

builders that I don’t recommend ConstantBest FREE Website Builders
Contact Constant Contact puts a big blue
banner ad on free websites honestly it’s
way too big strikingly striking least
free plan doesn’t include SSL so when
you browse the free website you’ll get a
not secure message in browsers like
Chrome not ideal strikingly also
includes this ad that appears when you

quickly through the free website
start scrolling it’s pretty large Wix
Wix has strong paid plans but their free
plan is it’s bad for starters there’s a
big ad that Scrolls along your website
also the sub domain they give free
websites is clumsy this is your username

and this is your site name I’d rather
the URL look something like this first things first is not is what most people mean
when they talk about WordPress it’s the
free open source CMS and it’s not what I
would call a website builder on the other hand is owned
by a totally separate company and it
actually feels more like a website
builder than it does a CMS for example
Hosting is provided the major downside
is that randomly inserts
ads into your content there’s no way to
control where the ads show it’s just

you can’t even anticipate and design
around the ads all right next we’re
going to talk about the just-okay free
website builders X PRS X PRS doesn’t put
advertisements on free websites which is
awesome that alone makes it very worth

unfortunately the subdomain they provide
free websites is pretty unusable and
there’s no way to edit it Jim due in
2019 Jim do launched a totally new
editor where you build your website by
stacking sections unfortunately these
sections are pretty cookie cutter for
example you can only show or hide

elements you can’t add new elements to a
section this is just too simple which is
unfortunate because the add-on free Jim
do web sites is really quite small
Google Sites here’s the thing Google
Sites is not really a website builder
for like a small business it’s more of a
way to connect Google services for a
collaboration tool for example the

elements you used to build your website
are mostly Google products like YouTube
calendar map Docs that kind of thing
there’s only one template to choose from
and it has six style variations you can
choose a font color but there’s no real
meaningful design customization here so
what’s the upside of Google Sites well
there’s two number one there’s no ads on
your website that’s awesome

number two you can connect to a custom
domain but just a heads up adding a
custom domain name will require you to
modify your cname records and that takes
some technical know-how but it’s also
not as hard as as you might think
Weebly Weebly is really easy to use
so if ease of use is important to you
you’ll want to try it many website
builders limit features on free plans
but Weebly actually includes quite a bit
there’s ecommerce forms unlimited pages
and you’re even able to use the Weebly

app store
the downside of Weebly is the ad that
Scrolls along your page it’s bright blue
and pretty intrusive so only use Weebly
if you can live with this all right onto
my top three recommended free website
builders web flow web flow is really
powerful but it has a learning curve I
personally love web flow but it’s not
what I suggest if you’re looking for

easy to use instead it’s what I suggest
if you want complete control and
flexibility the web flow designer gives
you the flexibility of front-end coding
without actually requiring you to code
you will need to understand the
fundamentals of web design but it allows
for far far more design flexibility than
any other website builder on this list
plus web flow includes a CMS in the free
plan the CMS lets you create collections
which are custom content types think of
them like a customizable data
so for example you could define an
article collection and then you’d add
articles and then automatically you’d
get new pages for every new article
beyond that web float just includes this
small scrolling add-on free websites
now navigating web flows pricing plans
can be a little confusing so here’s how
to do it you want to sign up for their
free account planned and then choose the
staging plan for your free website I

wasn’t sure what to make of the staging
plan so I asked web flow to confirm that
it could be used for publishing a web
site for free here’s what they had to
say hey Steve I would think of it like
this web flow is free until you want to
have more than two projects if you want
to host a website on a custom domain
name or if you want to export from a
project so yeah I take this as approval
that the staging plan is essentially a

free plan –card –card is for building
one-page websites that’s it because of
that focus it’s also the best website
builder for one-page websites for
example all card themes are specifically
for one-page websites and while
technically you can make one-page
websites in Weebly or Wix they’re just
not as intuitive this card Weebly and
Wix are tools after all for building
websites with multiple pages card was
designed around a single purpose
creating one page websites

card also has a very small hardly
noticeable add-on free websites finally
if you do decide to upgrade you’ll find
that card is extremely affordable plans
start at nine dollars a year that’s not
per month nine dollars per year that is
way way cheaper than website builders
like Squarespace or Wix you craft my
last recommended free website builder
the number one reason to use you crafts
free plan is that it allows you to

connect your own domain name that’s
sweet otherwise you craft is a pretty
solid free package unlimited pages
Google Analytics SSL and a decent free
subdomain should you decide you don’t
want to connect to a domain name the
biggest downside is the add if you
choose you craft you’ll need to live
with this alright so in conclusion
there’s no single best free website
builder instead I think there’s

trade-offs to each and I hope this Themeprobably
has given you a good overview of those
trade-offs ultimately the right tool is
going to be the right tool for you it
depends on what you need like I said
earlier in the Themeprobably my work is
supported by affiliate Commission’s so
if you would like to try one of these
website builders you can click a link to

them in the Themeprobably description below and
I may earn a commission let me know in
the comments if you spot anything that’s
out of date website builders tend to be
experimental with their free plans and
things tend to change fast so I’ll
probably have to redo this Themeprobably again
in a year thanks for watching

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