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GreenGeeks Launches Scalable Web Hosting Platform

Are you looking for a fast hosting provider at an affordable price?

Well in this GreenGeeks review I’m going to show you everything that you need to know about GreenGeeks before deciding if they’re the right hosting provider for you. I’m not going to waste your time with fluff content here instead

GreenGeeks Launches Scalable Web Hosting Platform

What is Green Web Hosting?

i’m going to provide you value by showing you the most important results from my live testing like the page load speed up time and customer support quality i will also show you a live demo so you essentially get to test out green gigs without having to purchase a plan for yourself and lastly

i will provide you with my honest recommendations on if or who should buy green gigs i will have a special bonus offer for you if you decide to pick up green geeks through my special discounted link Now below i also have a free checklist on starting a successful blog for everyone so make sure to stick with me to the end and i’ll show you how to get access to this bonus

GreenGeeks Launches Scalable Web Hosting Platform

but for now let’s get right into this review after purchase setup and ease of use right away
from their home page dashboard you can see that it looks clean and easy to navigate but there isn’t much there and not many buttons for you to click all there really is to do is to click on your cpanel and work on your cpanel backend just like you’ve always done they don’t have a fully custom

made interface like many other hosting providers do now let’s test them out and see how easy it is to install and create your wordpress website so from the cpanel we scroll down to wordpress click on install choose your domain name put in your info and at the bottom just click on install

What is WordPress web hosting?

and that’s it you can see how easy it is to install wordpress which is generally standard
for cpanel hosting providers now what about the ssl certificate green geeks does have a unique button here where you can install your ssl and it’s not just on the cpanel so from your home page you click on security ssl certificate click on add ssl certificate click on continue select the free one and now click on confirm and create and that’s it once again this was very easy to do and now how about the email address so from the

How do I cancel GreenGeeks?

cpanel you just go to your email account click on create put in your information and click on create again and that’s it your email has been created very simple again you can see that you don’t always need a special custom dashboard doing things on cpanel can be just as easy overall i would score green geeks as 7 out of 10 for setup and ease of use i really like their clean user interface with no upsells plastered everywhere and the fact that

cpanel will suit many og wordpress users i did take three marks away from them because they don’t have a custom user interface and you can’t really do anything on their dashboard except for activate the ssl certificate and there are no other shortcut buttons or anything there either

GreenGeeks Launches Scalable Web Hosting Platform

Is GreenGeeks hosting good?

so after i have installed the basic wordpress site i went ahead and tested out the speed of
the bare bones website using gt metrics the result is 0.9 seconds this is a great start
as this speed makes them one of the fastest hosting provider out of the box so far
so now i will take it a step further and add some design elements to it to increase the page size to be more realistic and don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed looking at this my course that i will

provide you for supporting the will guide you through this step by step i’m going to install some free plugins to speed up the website wp fastest cache which is for speed and optimization and short pixel which is for image optimization and lastly i will install the free cloudflare app which will also increase the website performance with their cdn it will make it more comparable to

GreenGeeks Launches Scalable Web Hosting Platform

what you would do in real life this is now what the new website layout with all the new plugins look like and the speed is now 1.6 seconds which makes them one of the fastest hosting providers i have tested so far and they easily pass google’s recommended site load speed of two

to three seconds now if i replace wp fastest cache with lightspeed cache plug-in which is recommended by green geeks to be the best free choice the speed is now 1.4 seconds which shows another 0.2 of a second improvement and this made green geeks a super fast hosting provider now i have

also been monitoring the stability performance of green gigs with uptime robot and can report that their uptime for the last 30 days is a perfect 100 in fact they have not had any downtime for over 95 days in a row which is very impressive overall i would rate green geek’s speed and uptime

performance a 10 out of 10. i cannot fault them on anything here they have really amazing speeds one of the best i’ve tested and uptime is solid too so well done to green geeks overall in the performance department here’s a quick question for you do you think green geek’s page load speed of 1.4 seconds is faster or slower than what you expected let me know in the comments section below

GreenGeeks Launches Scalable Web Hosting Platform

support green geeks provide 24 7 customer support through email and live chat they also have phone support during normal business hours now i would test them out by asking them these three different questions on live chat one i would tell them that i’ve been infected by a virus on my website and asked for their help two i asked them a quick question about their domain name renewal costs and three i asked them if they could do me a favor and install ssl certificate and cloudflare for meas i am complete newbie and have no idea how to do this here are the results one the support guy did not really want to help me and try to make me create a separate support ticket but in the end he

put it through and i got a reply by email in under 30 minutes helping me with my issue two it took over 20 minutes for them to respond to me on live chat which is way too long but once they did they were able to tell me all the information i needed immediately so they did a good job here on support knowledge and three they were willing to help and did everything for me right away i only took them about five minutes to do the whole thing including both ssl and cloudflare installation which i was really happy with with regards to their response time i contacted them at three different times

of the day to make sure i get an overall average and not just a bias fast response time during the off-peak hours so the three times were 14 minutes 21 minutes and 12 minutes the average of those three times turned out to be around 16 minute wait which is definitely way too long for me i think the max wait time for any hosting company should be kept at under five minutes overall i would have to score

green geek support a six out of ten i would say green geek’s support overall was average
at best it was nothing great but it wasn’t the worst either their team was actually knowledgeable but they had a pretty bad average response time of 16 minutes when compared to other hosting

my special green geeks discount page where you will get the best discount green gigs is currently offering full transparency this is an affiliate link i will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you while you get a special discount and my six figure blogger course for free so it can be a win-win situation for the both of us and i appreciate you supporting my Website i will be comparing their shared hosting plans although green geeks does offer other types of

hosting like the vps hosting so they can support you when your business grows and you’re ready for an upgrade green geeks currently has three shared hosting plans the light the pro and the premium plan and the main differences between the three hosting plans are the number of websites you can have the speed performance and the dedicated ip address so for the light plan you’re only going to get one website with the standard speed but if you increase that to the pro plan you’re going to get

unlimited number of websites along with an increase in performance and if you get the
premium plan you get everything from the pro plan but an even faster speed and you’re also going to be provided with a dedicated ip address but for me personally to pay double from the pro plan to the premium plan and get the dedicated ip is not worth it for my purpose if you’re trying to rank your website on google this is not required but if there are other reasons you want it then

that’s up to you as well but my recommendation for you is to either get the 2.95 per month light plan if you’re a local business or only need one website but if you need more than that then

pay 5.95 per month and get the pro plan and you can then have multiple websites so now i’m going to choose the pro plan for this tutorial to test them out so for your domain cost with green geeks

for a com domain it’s going to set you back 13.95 per year for the domain name and another 9.95 per year for domain privacy which is very important because it’s going to stop marketers from getting your contact details and messaging you and calling you about their services so overall it’s going to be about 25 per year this is really expensive and i don’t recommend anyone buy their domain

GreenGeeks Launches Scalable Web Hosting Platform

name from a hosting provider this is what most youtubers recommend you do in their tutorial and i just don’t understand and it really annoys me what i recommend you do instead is to buy all your domain name from a specialist domain name provider like namecheap and that’s what i use

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