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This Cash App Free Money Tutorial Made Me $75 Every 5 Minutes!

This Cash App Free Money Tutorial Made Me $75 Every 5 Minutes!

see I currently only have 83 cents on my cash up I’m gonna show you how I’m gonna make 150 dollars in just three minutes I’m gonna show you how it adds up it’s pretty simple uh make sure to stick till the end of the post uh to know how to make some
money maybe get yourself a ps5 or whatever you like

so the first step is to pull up your mobile phone it doesn’t matter whether it’s an android or an ios device and after that visit the site which is um cash app burn dot com it’s make sure you pause

the post and enter with me its cash guys and after it loads up let’s catch up earn you’ll get this enter your cash app id and start earning so I’m gonna go ahead and enter my cash app id and then click on earn make sure you click uh enter the correct
uh cash app id

otherwise, you’re gonna make someone else some money and after that, you’ll get this earn 75 dollars per task the good thing about the site guys that it makes you like earn a lot of money for really simple free tasks so I highly recommend it and it releases the one instantly so to release the money to your cash app you’ll have to meet the minimum threshold of 150

which is pretty easy you guys can even go for more and make some money like you
can count it how many how much money you can make 75.75 75. that’s a lot of money guys so I’m going to randomly select any app because they’re all the same uh
pay the same so I’m going to choose the easiest one you guys might get different

ones so I’m going to click on earn and it’s going to redirect me to the official so those apps you know they’re looking for people to download it their app so they could you know rank
better at this store and make money so it’s a win-win uh type of situation so to save you guys some time i already got them installed however i did not i did not run them yet
so the money is not released so i got

these two apps you just click um you can go ahead and click on install mine is already installed after that once they’re installed you can run them for 30 seconds just like the
instructions said as I’ve previously said that I did not run them for 30 seconds so
I’m gonna keep scrolling around or you could even leave them open without doing anything just make sure you do not sign up for anything because
it’s a free way to get some money

and after doing that you just go to the other app and do the exact same thing just do not sign up for anything just randomly scroll around just follow the instructions give it some time and then after making sure you’ve run them for enough time go ahead and open your cash app

and restart and you should get 150 for literally like what it’s been like two minutes two and a half minutes and that’s pretty much it for today’s tutorial guys make sure to drop alike comment below if you need some help also if you need some the money I’m sending a hundred dollars for uh three lucky winners so make sure your comment below your cash app

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