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How Do Free Apps Earn Money?

how do free apps make money with ads

How Do Free Apps Make Money?

hey guys welcome to theme probably today we’re gonna talk about apps that you can download on your phone and make
money by completing various tasks from liking a photo to downloading a game and playing it for a couple of hours but
there are certain disclaimers number one I still think that your time is the most precious currency in this world because

it’s limited and I would only use those apps in a critical situation like you have only a couple months to make maybe a hundred two hundred dollars and you really really need them right now and
then you would use those apps otherwise I would invest my own time into studying online becoming more proficient in
something so that later on you can make those money not in a

How do free apps earn money?

a couple of weeks but in a couple of hours another thing that I wanted to mention if you’re an entrepreneur watching this Posts and you’re like why am I even watching it marina one thing that I wanted to point out is that you would understand how these apps work because sometimes I know some entrepreneurs pay their apps to be downloaded by random people because they
need numbers for reports they need vanity metrics the way I call them because you paid people to download your app right it’s not

How do free apps earn money?

like an organic kind of stuff it’s just interesting to see how it works and I know a lot of people buy likes on Instagram a lot of people
buy views on YouTube and it’s just interesting to see how the backend for this market works so we’re gonna review those apps and by the end of this Posts you’ll know which apps you can use and how much money you can make by fulfilling various tasks

How do free apps earn money?

the first app is called survey’s on-the-go and I really like it because
instead of like downloading apps that you don’t need or liking photos you don’t like you’re actually expressing your opinion and huge companies like Gloria like Vodafone t-mobile they are
releasing new products every month or every quarter and they need public’s opinion like is this lipstick better than this one or do you like the slogan better than another one and you’re actually expressing your opinion and you’ll get the first dollar right away
once you download the app by the way service on-the-go is only available in the US you can use a VPN I guess to

download it but some of the apps that I’m gonna mention in this Posts are only available in the US and some of them are available worldwide the app that is available worldwide is
called to Luna and it’s a market research app and that means it’s mostly focused on surveys but there are also other types of tasks that can give you more money than just taking a survey you can get paid by cash using PayPal and they also have like a free webinar that teaches you how to use the app the next

How do free apps earn money?

announcement will be for my us-based followers who have good English and who have authorization to work in the u.s once you decide that you want to invest your time in something meaningful and acquire skills that will bring you a lot more money later in your life I’m really proud to present the sponsors of this Posts y’all Academy they teach you IT skills skills that are most in-demand in
the world right now and people who have those skills make over $100,000 a year

How do free apps earn money?

and yeol Academy is currently recruiting their next batch of students their course lasts for six months and there is no prior IT knowledge required what you can do right now is you can take their free online webinar the link will be below and you can take this course anywhere so everything is online right now again guys this is announcement for my us-based followers with good English and u.s. work permit the link to the free online webinar is below thank you all so much for sponsoring this Posts and giving my
followers an opportunity to get a new profession online and offline if you’re located in one of the Jones Academy locations the next app is created by

Google and it’s called Google opinion rewards and by the way guys another disclaimer my team has checked every single app and all of them look legit we read reviews we tried using them but
sometimes people create apps that look nvery similar to whatever I’ve mentioned and they might ask you for money upfront
like register for $10 and then we’re gonna give you this this and this whenever you see that quit because I’m only naming apps that are free to use free registration and those apps would allow you to

start making money without paying anything upfront and Google is a huge brand and if you want to start with something but you’re still hesitating I would really trust Google with us cuz they wouldn’t do fraudulent apps because that would hurt their reputation so with this Google app you’re actually rating different things and mostly your rating different ads because again for Google it’s important to see what kinds of ads are performing

better so we can push it on to more audience and advertise it would pay more they would get better clicks so for you they’re gonna show you different types of ads and you’re gonna be like oh my god I like this banner more than this one and this is actually again very useful information for both Google and for people who create those ads Google opinion rewards is only available in the US and some European countries the next app is available worldwide

and it’s called user feel and as you might have guessed from its title different websites will want you to go on their website and experience it and leave feedback is it well designed do you understand where you’re supposed to do is everything clearly visible so you’re like this user experience tester who is getting paid by user feel each test takes from 10 to 20 and you get around $10 per test via PayPal or Payoneer which is another payment system I feature that I like in this app as somebody who might upload a task on it is that they actually curate people who do those tests so at the

beginning you would need to do something for free you would need to do one test record your screen record your voice and they going to look at your performance rating you and depending on your ranking you’re gonna get more or less tasks which is great it’s not just a random person clicking through my website for example I know that user feel actually curated them by the way guys if you’re
watching this Posts and you’ve had experience with some of those apps please comment down below what was your experience how

much were you able to make in an hour what is the best app that people can use I really wanted to make this Posts a useful resource for people who want to start making money that way and your comments and your insights would be really really valuable so please do not hesitate to share your experience down in comments below the next app is go slight joy and it’s available only in the US I love their concept so basically they pay you for showing ads on your lock screen so you saw their app they start showing you ads

and it doesn’t matter whether you interact with those ads and you can you can either swipe to right to see more ads or you can click on the ad and actually make a purchase if you want but it doesn’t matter if you don’t or do that they’re still gonna pay you because you know what’s happening for example I’m advertising my company and I want my ads to reach as many people as possible and this is a way for ads to reach different people you put them on your lock screen and if you want to make even more money with that app you still can take service within the app and make more

you get paid 5 to 15 dollars on average per month without
doing anything just having ads in your lock screen but you get paid through square cash or PayPal but there’s a catch you need to wait for three months before actually getting money and once
you’ve waited for those three months then you can just withdraw money every month without waiting the next that’s available only newest is called field agent and again the name speaks for itself basically you log into that app you tell the eff way you are and they can ascend the local tasks your way for example there was a random task when you had to go into a grocery store and take a picture of a particular turkey brand and show where it is located

within the store and again I understand why companies would need to do that they want to see how their product is placed they want to see what’s going on around that product whether people can easily access it and payment depends on how advanced the task is the maximum that we’ve seen on that app is twelve dollars per test but an average like a few dollars four to five dollars and you get you money within 48 hours of completing the task the next app that’s available only in the u.s. is called quick thoughts and this is another app for surveys and again they follow some kind
of protocol when they first ask you questions they determine your demographics and depending on where you are with your life they’re gonna send different surveys your way and the amount of money

you can make really depends on who you are and what you do we’ve seen the reports that people make from three to ten dollars a day with this app which actually makes it one of the highest
paying apps on the market so is an app that’s available worldwide and it’s a great app for those people who like to take pictures so basically, you take pictures you upload them and you can sell them to brands I’ve seen some reviews that just taking pictures and
uploading them doesn’t necessarily make you a lot of money because you have to wait for people to buy them but there

are certain missions that you can go onto like for example Pepsi wants a lot of content for their Instagram or ad with people drinking Pepsi in different locations so you go in that mission and you take pictures according to their request so bless you cash out your earnings through PayPal so guys if you don’t have a file yet and you’re thinking about starting making money this way the first thing you would do is create a PayPal account tap tap money is the next app it’s only available in the US and in this app you download apps you download different games you engage with
them and you get paid for that and the last but not the least an app that gives you $10 just for signing up it’s called swag box and it’s available in the US

and some European countries and it has a wide variety of tests that you can perform from watching a Posts and taking surveys to shop online and downloading Posts games something you
can do if you’re waiting in line and thinking of what to do with your free time this is a great way to make some cash again guys disclosure I would only recommend doing this for a limited
amount of time because the only thing that is valuable that we have in our life is actually our time and I want you to invest it wisely so if you really really need cash right now yes you can try but you’d be better off taking a course online taking a free
course trying to become a professional in some area and then you would be able

to make $50 in an hour not in a week but thank you so much for watching this I hope that I’ve inspired you to do some
things if you like this content please don’t forget to Like and if you’re not yet subscribed this channel please hit the red button subscribe and I’m really looking forward to reading your comments I’m really looking forward to getting your opinion on using those apps I

How do free apps earn money?

remember myself using one of those apps back in 2014 when I was in rush hour when we’re struggling with money well I got really bored within like three hours but I remember I was able to make some money to pay for my phone again that was
I will see you very soon in the next Posts bye bye

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