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Google Speed Test For My Website

google speed test for my website

Site speed streamlining should be a vital segment of your online methodology.

Why? Since Website speed can represent the deciding moment your business since 33% of guests will surrender your webpage on the off chance that it takes over 7 seconds to stack and just 10% in the event that it takes 2 seconds.

This is especially valid for nearby organizations whose guests basically come from cell phones where speed has a significantly greater impact on client experience.

It has gotten so significant, Google has included speed as a sign which will impact rankings in its indexed lists.

However, what amount of a section does it truly play in rankings?

I led a site speed enhancement test on one of my customer’s sites to discover and today I am offering the outcomes to you.

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do local rankings improve with a faster website to find out I have run the test using one of my client’s website who runs a carpet cleaning business in London and optimizes website speed from
this to this keep on watching if you want to see the results

hi everyone I’m luke Duran the founder of I’m here to help you make the most of your business online so if you want to join the community don’t miss a thing in 2021 google incorporated page speed as part of the ranking factors for mobile
searches since a vast majority of people searching for a local business online will do so on a mobile phone website speed optimization should be

quite high on your agenda, the simplest way to check your very own website speed is to head over to Google page insights enter your website URL in the field and click on analyze after a few seconds this handy google tool will show you the the speed performance of your own website on mobile phones by default and also on desktops when you click on the desktop link the results are rated on a scale of 0 to 100 with 0 being the worst and 100 being

the best performance between 0 to 49 is considered as poor between 50 and 89 is fair and if you hit the 90-100
bracket your website is doing very well you can
do this with any site including your competitor’s website and verify if you are better or worse than them which I would recommend you do so when I conducted my client’s website
audit I realized that his home page speed performance was very poor and i

really wanted to improve it as part of our SEO strategy the good
the thing about the google page speeding site is that once the analysis is complete if you scroll down you have access to
all sorts of recommendations you can apply to your site in order to
optimize its speed the downside is it’s not easy to
understand and overall very technical and I have to
admit that I don’t really understand much of it myself but
when there’s a will there’s a way so I decided to seek help from
a website speed optimization specialist to do this
I went to a platform called

which I believe is one of the best resources on the web
if you need help from any freelancer I don’t get any commission from mentioning these guys by the way it’s just I genuinely feel they are very good at what they do and all the freelancers on there are very professional the whole thing would cost
around 250 which I thought was reasonably cheap for what I was trying to achieve the aim of this exercise for me was to figure out if I could increase my clients rankings voice homepage for keywords such as carpet cleaning London office carpet cleaning London

professional carpet cleaning etc just by improving the speed of his site to make sure the experiment would be conclusive enough I didn’t amend the home page during the time the project was going on or built any new links to it to avoid skewing the outcome by other factors after just a few days Mr speed guy completed the
work and he did deliver on his promises my client’s size-speed performance had hit the hundred point mark on more
buys and 95 on the desktop which is pretty astonishing if you ask

me but the question is did it help rankings well let’s have a look to track keyword performance of my clients website I use an SEO tool called ahrefs which I feel is the best in the business and gives me historical ranking information for each keyword once again I don’t get paid to mention these guys i just think they’re the best the website speed optimization job was completed at the beginning of june 2020 which is 30 days before i filmed this Posts

giving me a month worth of data let’s drill down the ranking history of the very first keyword here for the home page carpet cleaning London and check the ranking history before the website
optimization job was completed and right after on the 2nd of June my client ranked number 47 in google for this
keyword and the last time it was tracked which was the 1st of july
the ranking moved up to 34 which is an improvement of 13
positions let’s have a look at the next one office carpet cleaning London which ranked in position 24 at the end of may and 21st at the end of June next is best carpet cleaning london which was

29th at the end of May and moved up five positions to 24 towards the end of June let’s do a couple more carpet cleaning in London which moved from 33 to 32 and professional carpet cleaners in London which climbed 5 spots from 29 to 24. overall there seems to be a trend showing an uplift in most of the rankings which
would lead me to believe the website speed optimization exercise
helped but there wasn’t any significant jump that propelled my client’s side into the top spots obviously, there is a
the massive caveat here this test was run for only one website and it is possible rankings have gone up naturally even without website

speed optimization as always there is no magic bullet when it comes to SEO it’s just a combination of signals that will get you there and speed is just one of them the biggest advice I can give you is to focus on the end consumer who will be more likely to convert
from a speedy website than from a lagging one so do it for the visitors and then rankings will follow I hope you enjoyed these short Posts if you have any questions post them in the comments below
and until next time happy marketing

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